Winecraft for Cabin Crew

We’ll give your wine service wings.

Let your sommelier service take flight by properly preparing your flight attendants to serve fine & rare wine in superlative fashion. Wine Service Consulting offers specialized wine education and consulting services for the private/corporate aviation industry. Founded by Certified Specialist of Wine Mark C. Roberts, our company provides a bespoke program specifically designed to educate flight attendants and flight service trainers, as well as aviation sales and marketing professionals.

Wine Service Consulting's 'Winecraft for Cabin Crew' defines the proper service etiquette for fine and rare wine in a private cabin environment, including the detailed points of procurement logistics for the top five percent of the greatest wines in the world. Be confident to know what you are looking for, be confident of knowing the difference between authentic and counterfeit, and be confident to know the best chateaux and the best vintages. Be sure that this level of wisdom will leave your client, safe, assured, and coming back for more.

“Conscious collectiveness and muscle memory; these are all great character traits of a top-flight professional in the HNWI (High Net-Worth Individual) private/ corporate aviation sector. Be polite, professional, and have a plan to serve everyone in the cabin. In this profession you have to be at the top of your game and always over-deliver to your clients while exceeding their expectations.”

During our Winecraft for Cabin Crew program, your employees will gain the knowledge of providing professional wine services to the HNWI and UHNWI clients. The proposed presentation covers fine/rare wine logistics, including proper cabin sommelier service of fine/rare wine and Champagne. We offer classes at two levels:

Winecraft for Cabin Crew AirSomm One

This presentation includes:

  • Sensory Evaluation & Wine 101
  • Wine Flaws and Faults
  • U.S. Labeling Laws: What They Do & Don't Tell You
  • Exemplary Sommelier Service Skills in:
    • Selection
    • Presentation
    • Glassware
    • Decanting
    • Safe Champagne Service

Winecraft for Cabin Crew AirSomm Two

This advanced class program includes:

  • Food & Wine: A Flavor Profile Comparison
  • The Learning of Bordeaux: Understanding the Classifications
  • Vintage Champagne Versus Owner-Grower Champagne
  • The Quality Pyramid of Bourgogne
  • Authentic Rare Wine Versus Counterfeit Fine Wine: How to Spot It
  • Procurement Logistics: Securing That Awesome Bottle of Wine for Your Client
  • Cabin Storage Versus Hangar Storage

Contact us today to make arrangements for Certified Specialist of Wine Mark C. Roberts to present Winecraft for Cabin Crew to your staff. We proudly serve clients around the globe.

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